The Skinny About Thigh Gaps...and Third Boobs.

Posted: Oct 12 2014


What is a Thigh Gap?

A "thigh gap" is the space between a woman’s upper inner thighs when her knees are touching.

The notion of the thigh gap has been around for quite some time, but only recently has the beauty standard started receiving mass attention- courtesy of the super slim models in the Victoria Secret Fashion show of 2012. After the show, many teens and image obsessed fanatics began blogging, tweeting, and going to extreme measures in an effort to  achieve a thigh gap akin to the models in the show ( particularly, that of model Cara Delevigne’s).


How Easy is it to Achieve a Gap?

Short answer: it can be as easy as being born, or as hard as resorting to extreme measures (e.g. risky dieting or cosmetic surgery.)

This is because thigh gaps are largely genetic. While the majority of thigh gaps are seen on very svelte individuals, many doctors and fitness experts believe that thigh gaps originate naturally only in individuals with a certain bone structure. Such bone structure is measured by the ratio between the width of one’s hips and the length of one’s femoral head.


How Important is the the Gap?

In terms of fitness?  Its not. In terms of agility? Its not. In fact,  there is no evidence that a thigh gap has any connection with how fast, strong, or healthy you are.   The only purpose it serves seems to be an aesthetic one. Which begs the question: How important is a thigh gap in terms of beauty? Well that topic is highly debatable, but realistically, I think most normal people don’t give a damn.


My Experience with the Gap:

I’ve always had one. (Before you hate me read the next paragraph.)  I had one when I was a little girl before I ever started working out or running.  But I also had one when I gained 20 pounds during a summer traveling abroad in college.  During this period, I couldn't fit into any of my old clothes, and I looked like I was smuggling muffins in my mouth because my cheeks were so puffy.  But I still had the gap.   I guess some would say I'm pretty “lucky.”

However, in other areas I’m not so “lucky.” And it seems there’s nothing I can do about it. Just as I’ve always had a thigh gap, I’ve also always had a  little bit of “third boob” or “bra bulge.  "Third boob" is the area between your breast and your armpit.   And it seems that no matter how thin I am, or how many chest presses and push ups I do, I always have a noticeable amount of skin, or fat, or boob, or whatever, in this area. In fact, I've had "third boob" before I even had boobs.   And so have all the women in my family. But you know what, its okay.  My boyfriend probably has never even noticed it and my friends think I’m crazy whenever I bring it up.


Bottom line:

I’ve talked to doctors, personal trainers, and fitness experts about both bra bulge and thigh gaps. Their consensus is clear: if you are at a healthy, normal weight, and lead an active lifestyle (which includes moderate weight training)  and you have always had a bra bulge, or you have never had a  thigh gap, chances are you never will. And that's okay. Because you can still have sexy toned arms with a bra bulge- just as you can still have sexy, toned legs without a thigh gap.

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